[Math] No Free Chocolate. Period.

Alright, I’m so fed up with these “social network shares” about getting free chocolate by breaking a bar and rearranging the pieces, as shown in this video:

Here’s my complaint: I followed the video MATHEMATICALLY, on a paper, and found out the entire bar of chocolate is shortened! Hey! That’s NOT what we call free chocolate!

Diagram disproving the video above

SVG Version

EDIT: It is also noted by @minikoong that my representation has an error. Apparently, the original chocolate bar is nominally 360000 pixels in size, but when cut, the 40-pixel reduction from the top causes the main chocolate bar to reduce to 344000 pixels. According to one-block size of 150*100 = 15000 pixels, there is apparently a (360000-344000+15000)/360000*100 = 0.2778% loss. I admit it is my error in the drawing: the length of “new” chocolate bar should be 862.5 pixels, not 860.